The FrameGuard is a bolt through shorter version of the Birmingham Bar

It will reinforce the door frame and help prevent the wood from splitting around the mortice lock striking plate or the door hinge



Two plates, bolted together through the door frame around the striking plate or hinge

  • The 9602 has a bevelled edge to resist side impact
  • The 2003 has a 40mm wide external plate with offset fixing holes
  • All versions are supplied with 4" (100mm) long security bolt fixings



2102 FrameGuard

203 x 20 x 5mm 

2202 FrameGuard

240 x 20 x 5mm

9602 FrameGuard

300 x 20 x 7mm

2002 FrameGuard

300 x 20 x 5mm 

2012 FrameGuard

300 x 16 x 5mm

2003 FrameGuard

300 x 20 x 5mm


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