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 The Kickstop London Bar is a door frame reinforcing bar with a 'D' shaped staple to fit over and secure the staple (keep) of a surface fitted rim lock or cylinder nightlatch.  This very effective steel anti-burglary device is screwed on to the internal face of the lock side of the frame and will resist the kicking, splitting and forcing open of the door

Kickstop Bars are manufactured from specially rolled superior grade, 5mm thick solid steel bar with rounded sides. Each fixing hole is a countersunk hole to ensure that the countersunk screw heads can be fitted flush with the surface of the flat bar

Kickstop London Bars are manufactured from one continual length of high grade steel - and have no unsightly welding

A packet of 2 1/2" long, No. 10 countersunk hardened steel woodscrews is supplied

Available in a choice of length, width and staple size


 When fitting the Longer London Bars, a little of the top or the bottom of the bar will probably need to be removed when fitting - by cutting with a hacksaw




Before ordering

Very carefully check that the London Bar has the appropriate staple size that you need to fit over the staple/keep of the nightlatch or rim lock

The lock staple (also known as the keep) is the part that is fitted to the door frame.  The surface mounted lock latches into this - when the door is closed


  • Most of the bars are available in three lengths and two widths of steel
  • Check the available width of flat door frame - before ordering 

  • Decide on the width of bar required - 16mm or 20mm

  • Decide on the staple size required

  • Decide on the length of bar required

  • Decide on the colour/finish required

Universal Staple

up to 30 x 97mm. This is a large size staple that can be slightly reduced from 97mm - to fit over a smaller rim lock staple of 70mm or less

Standard Staple

30 x 70mm. To fit over a smaller sized nightlatch staple

Large Staple

30 x 97mm. To fit over a larger sized rim locks staple

Extra Large Staple

40 x 105mm. To fit over  an extra large sized rim lock staple

Ingersoll Staple

a 'handed' 30 x 70 modified standard staple London Bar. The modification allows its use with a left or right handed Ingersoll SC71 lock.

Ask us - if you are not sure.